HANDBOOK – Environmental Assessment of Construction Products – An introduction to test methods and other procedures related to CE-marking (NT TR 618)

  • Report #: NT TR 618
  • Approved: April 2009
  • Author(s): M. Wahlström, J. Laine-Ylijoki, T. Kaartinen, L. Rautiainen, O. Hjelmar, A. Oberender, D. Bendz, O. Wik, H. Gustafsson, C.J. Engelsen, H. Birgisdottir
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  The background for this handbook is the implementation of the so-called Essential Requirement 3 (ER 3) of the European Construction Products Directive (CPD) into European Harmonised Standards (hENs) and European Technical Approvals (ETAs). The CPD will in future be replaced by a regulation, the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). This change will not affect the implementation of ER 3 in CE marking of construction products. ER 3 addresses that construction products must be designed and built in a way that they do not represent a threat to hygiene, health and the environment. The European Harmonised Standards and European Technical Approvals describe methods for testing of construction products and specify the conditions for CE marking of construction products. This handbook presents an overview of the technical, regulatory and administrative framework within which CE marking of construction products takes place and offers guidance on the selection of test methods for assessment of release of regulated dangerous substances from construction products to soil, surface water and groundwater. The handbook includes information on how test results can be used, e.g. by regulators when comparing regulatory limit values with test results. The starting point in this handbook is the situation where there might be a potential for a release to soil and water during the intended use of a product. This handbook presents aspects that are especially important for manufactures of construction products and authorities for ensuring the safety to health and the living environment. It covers the whole evaluation procedure starting from planning the testing to the use of test results. This document is the final report for the project: “Generella riktlinjer för miljöbedömning och CE-märkning av nordiska byggprodukter i ett europeiskt sammanhang” financed by Nordic Innovation Centre. The project was initiated in August 2006 and finalised in December 2008. The project has been carried out by VTT from Finland in cooperation with its Danish partner DHI, Swedish partners SGI and SP, Norwegian partner SINTEF and Icelandic partner EFLA.  
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