Horizontal standard on selection of operational sampling standards (NT ENVIR 013)

  • Report#: NT ENVIR 013
  • Approved: October 2008
  • Authors: Anke Oberender, Jette Bjerre Hansen, DHI; Bertil Magnusson, SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute
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Two documents have been prepared within the Nordic Innovation Centre project “Development of Nordic generic horizontal standards for sampling (06135)”: 1. A structural approach to horizontal sampling standards (NT ENVIR 012). 2. Draft horizontal standard on selection of operational sampling standards for solids and liquids (present document NT ENVIR 013). The first document considers giving guidance on reading and application of the horizontal standard and development of the horizontal approach. The present document is an example of a standard on identification of the best available operational sampling standard related to sampling of solid granular material in stationary and dynamic situations and liquids in dynamic situations.