Guideline for classification classification of ash from solid biofuels and peat utilised for recycling and fertilizing in forestry and agriculture (NT TR 613)

  • Report #: NT TR 613
  • Approved: June 2008
  • Author(s): Nina Haglund and Expert group
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  During the review of existing standards (NT TECHN REPORT 584) in the BASREC Bioenergy 2003–2005 project (04215) and in the contacts with numerous solid biofuel professionals from science and industry, needs and ideas for further standards were identified and collected. The need for an ash classification system was identified and Nordic Innovation Centre decided to initiate the development of a Guideline for utilisation of ash from solid biofuels and peat in forestry and agriculture as part of the Nordic Innovation project “Market harmonisation by dissemination on new solid biofuel standards and development of ash classification and storage guidelines (Biostandards). This Guideline informs about national legislation in Europe on the utilisation of ash from solid biofuels and peat in forestry and agriculture as well as this ash in relation to EU legislation on hazardous waste. Legislation in Denmark, Finland and Sweden is described in detail including limit values for nutrients and minor elements. A procedure for specification of the ash is defined including suitable methods for sampling and analysis. Ash from solid biofuels as defined in EN14961 “Solid Biofuels – Fuel Specification and Classes” and ash from fuel peat as defined in NT ENVIR 009 “Quality guidelines for fuel peat” are covered. A method for determination of ash reactivity is described. Basic requirements on ash quality declaration are defined and there is a template for ash quality declaration.