Time-triggered technology for automation and machinery control communities (NT TR 612)

  • Report #: NT TR 612
  • Approved: November 2007
  • Author(s): Carl Bergenhem
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  The scope of the project was to disseminate knowledge and awareness about concepts and methodologies of time-triggered technology for automation and machinery control communities. A large part of this knowledge was results from the European Community project DECOS. DECOS, Dependable Embedded Components and Systems is a large EC-financed project. It targets, researches, and develops approaches to significantly alleviate key obstacles in the deployment of advanced electronic functions in embedded systems. Part of this is to develop a set of generic hardware and software components usable on various platforms including the Time-Triggered Architecture. The Time-Triggered Architecture is believed to better tackle future challenges such as the inevitable move from federated to integrated systems. DECOS proposes an integrated distributed architecture for independently developed mixed criticality embedded applications. The project will end in December 2007. The NICe-project was managed by SP, in Sweden, and involved four Nordic and Baltic countries. Dissemination events in the form of seminars are planed in each county. At these events, DECOS and other related topics was discussed. The special interests and needs of the local industry was taken into account in the seminars.  
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