Bioenergy 2003-2005 – Action 2 – Development of standards to achieve market harmonisation in the bioenergy field – Review of the present status and future prospects of standards (NT TR 584)

  • Report #: NT TR 584
  • Approved: December 2005
  • Author(s): Eija Alakangas, Terhi Lensu, Nina Haglund, Max Nitschke
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  The aim of the BASREC standardisation project was to establish contacts between relevant national organisations in the Baltic Sea Region and Technical Committees within CEN to prepare possible contributions to ongoing activities on solid biofuel standards and further to investigate the needs and possibilities for common test methods and rules regarding biofuels and biofuel machinery and systems in the area. The work was concentrated on the analysis of existing standards and their suitability in the trade of solid biofuels. Also information on equipment standards for small-scale boilers and stoves were collected. This review provides an overview on the CEN/TC 335 standardisation on solid biofuels. Altogether 30 CEN/TC 335 technical specifications both published and under preparation are described. Also more than 50 national biofuel norms from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Austria and UK, as well as 15 equipment standards and regulations related to bioenergy field are presented. In addition to present bioenergy norms, the survey also gives a summary of the results of the BASREC standardisation project and presents new proposals, i.e. storage standard, ash classification and peat guideline.