Solid waste, granular inorganic material: Up-flow percolation test using a flexible wall permeameter (NT ENVIR 007)

  • Report #: NT ENVIR 007
  • Approved: May 2005
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  This method is a percolation test for determination of the leaching behaviour of inorganic constituents from waste materials. The test produces eluates which shall be analysed chemically (e.g. composition) and physically (e.g. temperature). The interpretation of the results is based on the L/S ratio because this parameter, among others, plays an important role in the leaching process. If the concentration or the accumulated amounts of a given component in the eluate are expressed as a function of L/S, the results of the test may with caution be used to give an indication about the time scale. By means of the test, information can be obtained about the concentration to be expected in a landfill leachate and also the leached amounts up to a certain L/S ratio. This method, one among others, is a basic characterization test to provide information on the leaching behaviour of the waste material under the specified test conditions.  
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