Measurement of occupational noise eaxposure of workers: Part i: survey method (NT ACOU 114)

  • Report #: NT ACOU 114
  • Approved: May 2003
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This Nordtest Method specifies survey methods for determination of occupational noise exposure at work places. This Method contains different approaches for carrying out the measurements. The resulting noise exposure is determined from a combination of data from noise measurements, registration of working procedures and operations, time intervals (duration) and calculations for typical time segments of a nominal working day. The daily noise exposure normalised to a nominal working day is determined by summing the contributions from the typical work operations. This method does not give any description for calculation of uncertainty in the measurements. Advanced measurements with engineering grade of accuracy and evaluation of uncertainty are described NT ACOU 115. The measurements in ear canal and use of miniature microphones are described in EN-ISO 11904-1. For manikin measurements, see EN-ISO 11904-2. This Nordtest method does not specify measurements for work places having low noise levels.