Acceptance criteria for landfilling of waste under nordic conditions (NT TR 520)

  • Report #: NT TR 520
  • Approved: November 2002
  • Author(s): Ole Hjelmar, Helga J. Bjarnadóttir, Björn Halldórsson
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  In the report the various classes and sub-categories of landfills that are possible within the framework of the EU Landfill Directive are presented and discussed, and the need within the Nordic countries for sub-categories of the three main classes of landfills (inert, non-hazardous and hazardous waste landfills) is evaluated. The acceptance criteria associated with Annex II of the EU Landfill Directive as they have been laid down in the draft Commission Decision of 1 May 2002 are presented. Particular attention is paid to the leaching limit values. The draft Commission Decision was rejected by the TAC, but the limit values are not likely to change significantly when the Commission Decision eventually is adopted. The methodology used to derive risk-related leaching limit values by means of scenario calculations and modelling is presented and discussed. Only the risk of groundwater contamination from mainly inorganic waste and inorganic pollutants is considered. The test methods required by the Landfill Directive and the draft Commission Decision are presented and the need for development or adjustment of new test methods in Europe and the Nordic countries is discussed. The potential differences between landfill behaviour under Nordic, cold conditions and under warmer, more temperate conditions, e.g. in southern Europe is discussed and data on the quantity and quality of leachate and gas from several Icelandic landfills are presented, and some conclusions are drawn concerning the influence of the differences between landfilling conditions in Iceland and central Europe on leachate and gas.