Road traffic: Measurement of noise immission – Engineering method (NT ACOU 039)

  • Report #: NT ACOU 039
  • Approved: May 2002
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This NORDTEST method states procedures for measuring road traffic noise inside and outside buildings and in open terrain, under specified traffic and environmental conditions. The accuracy is that of an ISO engineering method (Grade 2). The method aims at obtaining noise levels as they occur during slightly downward atmospheric refraction. Measurements carried out in accordance with this Nordtest method yield as the main result the total A-weighted energyequivalent sound pressure level. The method also enables measurement of the maximum A-weighted sound pressure level and sound pressure levels in octave bands. The method specifies how to measure the noise level at a given position in a well defined way, and how, by measuring road traffic noise simultaneously in several microphone positions, the noise levels in these positions can be determined in an efficient way.