Method for determination of chloride threshold values for steel in concrete (NT TR 500)

  • Report #: NT TR 500
  • Approved: March 2002
  • Author(s): Jens M. Frederiksen
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  The aim with this project was to establish a common Nordic test method for determining chloride threshold values in concrete. Due to delay of project the chloride threshold values were higher than expected by the planned time schedule and the project succeed not to achieve the goal within the estimated project time. However the chosen methodology used in this project has shown to be adequate for it’s purpose. The necessary exposure time is however not found. To achieve the intended goals with this project, a new test has to be carried out. Test specimens have to be given a different design, and exposure has to be changed accordingly to experienced results achieved from the first test. The project timetable and methods in this project have been discussed in “European Concerted Action COST 521 Corrosion of Steel in Reinforced Concrete Structures Working group B- subgroup 3-B (Monitoring Chloride)”. The project should be reopened, when it’s shown that suggested changes in the method will give a simpler, faster and more stable test results. Despite that the project not could be finished as expected, the project has given new important results, which hopefully can contribute to establish a new test method in this field within few years.  
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