Revisjon av Nordtestmetode for besemmelse av betongs strekkfasthet og heftefasthet mellom betong og mørtel (NT TR 457)

  • Report #: NT TR 457
  • Approved: October 2000
  • Author(s): Trine Tveter
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  Three Nordtest methods for testing tensile strength of concrete and bond strength between concrete substructure and cast-on layer of concrete, mortar or sprayed concrete were evaluated in this project for proposing a new revised Nordtest method. The methods evaluated were NT BUILD 204 – Concrete hardened: Tensile strength of specimens, NT BUILD 351 – Shot Crete, concrete base: Bond strength and NT BUILD 365 – Concrete, repair materials and protective coating: Bond strength, direct pull-off test. These methods have common requirements to the testing equipment. The testing focused on requirements for the geometrical properties of the test samples, both for laboratory testing as in-situ testing. With some conditions, the suggested method could be used for both type of testing. A proposal for a revised Nordtest method for replacement of these three abovementioned methods was proposed, and this method is also included in this report.  
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