Fire extinguishing foam concentrates (NT FIRE 023)

  • Report #: NT FIRE 023
  • Approved: September 1993
  • Version: 2
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  This NORDTEST method is intended for tests of foam concentrates, foam generation properties and extinguishing properties. The method applies to all types of foam concentrates intended for use in low-, medium- and high expansion equipments. The performance of the foam with the fuels used according to this method does not necessarily quarantee similar performance with other fuels. The test method does not apply to sprinklers and subsurface installations. The method is primarily intended to provide a basis for type testing of foam concentrates. The method may also be used in connection with e.g. delivery inspections and inspection of foam concentrates which have been stored for a long time. The method applies to all types of foam concentrates and foam types, and must therefore be used only in its relevant parts.  
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