Concrete, hardened: Rebound number (NT BUILD 210)

  • Report #: NT BUILD 210
  • Approved: May 1984
  • Version: Edition 2
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This NORDTEST method is intended for the-determination of the rebound number of a concrete surface, that is, the value obtained when a rebound hammer is used in the manner described in 4, (Note 1). The method may be used for the investigation of completed objects, e.g. the variation in the strength of concrete, the determination of areas with deviating quality or of damaged concrete, evaluation of changes in the strength of concrete prior to the mould stripping, or similar things. The method is not intended to replace the testing of strength of concrete. However, the strength of concrete may be roughly estimated with the aid of this method, with the condition in mind that the values must have been calibrated from concrete with the same composition as the object, whose strength one intends to estimate. The age of the concrete is not considered in this method.   Note 1: The method agrees in the main with IS0 DP 8045 Concrete (hardened) – Determination of the rebound number with a rebound hammer.  

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