Mortar joints: Density – radiometric method (NT BUILD 123)

  • Report #: NT BUILD 123
  • Approved: June 1981
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This NORDTEST method describes a gamma-radiometric method for the non-destructive testing of density of mortar joints under precast wall elements and pillars. A reasonably high density is necessary to ensure the load carrying capacity of the joints.  


The procedure of the test and the apparatus described can be applied to measure the mean density of plane mortar joints. The height of the joint should not be less than 20 mm and the width should not exceed app. 300 mm. Precast walls and pillars should be spaced a few centimeters above the floor or previously mounted elements, when placed in position. The load carrying capacity is obtained by filling the joint with mortar material. A necessary condition for the joint to obtain sufficient strength is that the mortar is well compressed, i.e. the mean density of the mortar is reasonably high.  

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