Direct acting electric heating – Testing of control systems Part 3: evaluation using real-time simulation (NT VVS 125)

  • Report #: NT VVS 125
  • Approved: November 2000
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  The test method is designed for evaluation of electric-heat controllers (see Part 1) by means of real-time simulation. Real-time simulation, also known as emulation, can be used for single-zone or multi-zone controllers. For single-zone evaluation it is an alternative or complement to the test chamber evaluation described in Part 1. The present part,i.e. Part 3, deals with real-time simulation and comprises:
  • control accuracy at constant load,
  • performance during a change in the outdoor temperature,
  • performance during a step change in the set value for the room temperature,
  • performance during a step change in an internal load,
  • airing function (operation with an opened window),
  • performance during opening/closing of interior doors (multi-zone systems),
  • water heating,
  • load control.
The purpose is to evaluate not only the input/output characteristics of the controller but the total function of the combination sensor-controller-heater-building. The method includes evaluation of efficiency, comfort and various supplementary control functions. The single-zone building is a model of the test chamber in Part 1 and the multi-zone building is a combination of single-zone models. The method is, however, not intended for evaluation of systems using room sensors integrated in the heaters.  
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