Direct acting electric heating – testing of control systems: Part 1: terminology and evaluation in a test chamber (NT VVS 123)

  • Report #: NT VVS 123
  • Approved: November 2000
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  The test method is designed for laboratory testing of control systems for direct acting room heaters, primarily for single family houses. This method denotes such a system as an electric-heat controller. The electric-heat controller may consist of either a central unit or several individual or coordinated local units. The laboratory method may comprise one or both of the methods for climate chamber testing and computer simulation. This part deals with climate chamber testing and comprises:
  • control accuracy at constant load,
  • performance during a change in the outdoor temperature,
  • performance during a step change in the set value for the room temperature,
  • performance during a step change of an internal load,
  • airing function (operation with an opened window),
  • supplementary control functions.
This part also deals with terminology and different measures of control accuracy and efficiency. In principle the definitions may be used equally well for evaluation of climate chamber testing (part 1; i.e. this method) and real-time simulations (part 3). The scope is to evaluate control systems rather than radiators/convectors with built-in thermostats. The field of application is advanced, multi-function controllers with wallmounted indoor sensors and an optional outdoor sensor.  
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