Direct acting electric heating – Testing of control systems: Part 2: evaluation of control sensors (NT VVS 124)

  • Report #: NT VVS 124
  • Approved: November 2000
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  The test method is intended for laboratory testing of sensors for control systems of electrically heated single-family dwellings. This method denotes such sensors as control sensors. The control sensor can be an active or passive temperature sensing element fitted in a casing to facilitate subsequent installation in a room. The evaluation comprises:
  • Determination of rise and fall times,
  • Influence of variations in air velocity,
  • Influence of different types of heat exchange.
Testing of the characteristics of control sensors is a prerequisite for evaluation of control systems by means of real-time simulation. Other parts of the methods for testing electric heating control systems may, in addition to the sensor tests, comprise testing in a climate chamber (Ref. 2.1) and evaluation by real-time simulation using computer models (Ref. 2.2).  
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