Harmonized methods for assessment of release of dangerous substances from construction products – Nordic status (NT TR 598)

  • Report #: NT TR 598
  • Approved: August 2006
  • Author(s): Margareta Wahlström, Jutta Laine-Ylijoki, Tommi Kaartinen, Kristina Saarela, Ole Hjelmar, David Bendz
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  This project was developed in the context of the new standardisation work under CEN related to the third essential requirement (ER3) concerning Hygiene, Health and the Environment stipulated by the Construction Products Directive (CPD). The project aims particularly to evaluate the importance of harmonising test methods for regulated substances in the Nordic countries and also to address the Nordic interest for CE-labelling of construction products. The target group includes all stakeholders involved such as construction producers, consumers, regulators and also testing laboratories. This document is the final report of the project entitled: “Harmonisering av testmetoder för reglerade ämnen under Byggvarudirektivet – Nordisk status” financed by Nordic Innovation Centre. The project was initiated in May 2005 and finalised in February 2006. In this report the dangerous substances falling under the concern of CPD are reviewed and the extent of the new associated standardisation work is presented. The future development needs are identified. The report also addresses Nordic competence in measuring and evaluation of both emissions to indoor and release from solid materials to soil and water of potentially dangerous substances. A workshop held in December 2005 as part of the project formed a platform for exchange of knowledge and information and discussion with partners and stakeholders in the Nordic countries, including the non-EU members Norway and Iceland. The workshop resulted in recommendations on the need of uniform, harmonised tools and methods for environmental evaluation of construction products that should be fit for purpose, meaningful and enable proper evaluation of test results. A need for co-operative networking at a Nordic level to ensure the applicability of methods and criteria for Nordic construction products was also identified. In addition, specific needs related to testing of release of potentially dangerous substances to soil and water and emissions to indoor air were recognized. The project has been carried out by VTT from Finland in cooperation with its Danish partner DHI – Water and Environment and Swedish partner SGI.  
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