Models for impact evaluation on landfill – Aspects for appropriate modelling (NT TR 601)

  • Report #: NT TR 601
  • Approved: December 2006
  • Author(s): Margareta Wahlström, Jutta Laine-Ylijoki, Ole Hjelmar, David Bendz, Håkan Rosqvist
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  The aim of the project is to present information on tools and models suitable for the prediction of the leaching of compounds from waste and the transport of leached compounds to the environment. Impact evaluation is needed in cases where the landfill constructions deviate from the EU requirements, national criteria for utilisation in earth construction are exceeded and also when up to three times higher limit values for waste acceptance are applied for the waste. The focus of the report is mainly on the leaching of inorganic compounds from inorganic non-hazardous waste material. The target group for this report are scientists, legislators, authorities, waste producers, landfill operators, and waste processing companies. This document is the final report of the project entitled: “Modeller för riskbedöming på avfallsplats ” financed by NORDTEST. The project was initiated in January 2004 and finished in December 2005. In this report especially the purpose and outcome of some modelling tools suitable for release prediction from wastes and also key waste parameters needed as input data in the modelling are explained. The report also addresses the potential need for modelling in the Nordic countries. A workshop held in September 2005 formed the important part in the actual knowledge transfer to partners in Norway and Iceland. The project was carried out by VTT from Finland in cooperation with its Danish partner DHI – Water and Environment and Swedish partner SGI.