Acoustics: Assessment of annoyance caused by vibrations in dwellings from road and rail traffic by means of socio-vibrational and social surveys (NT ACOU 106)

  • Report #: NT ACOU 106
  • Approved: May 2001
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This Nordtest Method is a guide to the content, conduct, text file output describing the survey, procedures, sites and objective measures, and the data file output of sociovibrational and social surveys measuring annoyance due to vibrations in dwellings from road and rail traffic. The main purpose of this Nordtest Method is to: • improve the degree of compatibility between survey results from different studies and enhance their usability for authorities and scientists • allow results from socio-vibrational research to be accumulated in a common database. The Method is not a general guideline, but specifically aimed at clarifying methodological issues and recommending solutions for accomplished researchers.