Acoustics: Framework for the verification of environmental noise calculation software (NT ACOU 107)

  • Report #: NT ACOU 107
  • Approved: May 2001
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This NORDTEST method gives the framework for the verification and subsequent type approval/certification and issuing a declaration that software intended for calculation of environmental noise levels yields results in conformity with a specific calculation method. Such software may be produced by software developers on a commercial basis or financed by an authority requesting the development of a new calculation method. Consultants who have developed software exclusively for their own use may also take advantage of having their software verified. The objective is to obtain verification that the software yields results in accordance with the Nordic calculation method for noise from road, rail or air traffic, industrial plants or shooting ranges, etc. If authorities agree to the method of verifying that software yield correct results, they may decide to issue certificates or labels for software developers to label their products. The present Nordtest method only deals with the verification. The authorities may decide that in order for calculation results to be accepted as a basis for decision in environmental noise issues, calculations shall be performed by an accredited laboratory or person certified for ‘Environment Measurement – Environmental Noise’ using software approved by the authorities. The verification process is based on a number of standard test cases for each specific calculation method, with known, certified calculation results and accepted tolerances. The objective of this Nordtest method is not to investigate whether calculation results correspond to measurement results. Such validation is presumed to have taken place prior to software verification. With complicated user interfaces of software, the risk of obtaining erroneous calculation results increases. Usability testing of software is offered by testing laboratories. Such investigation of software usability is not the objective of the present Nordtest method.