Matresses – Burning behaviour – Full scale test (NT TR 602)

  • Report #: NT TR 602
  • Approved: May 2006
  • Author(s): Per Thureson, Bjarne Kristoffersen
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  A new test method for testing of fire properties of mattresses is proposed. The method is intended to evaluate the full scale burning behaviour of a complete mattress or bed system when exposed to a flaming ignition source. Fire performance criteria, for mattresses used in public occupancies, are proposed. The criteria are intended to give protection against fully developed fires in mattresses in the event of, for example, arson, in premises where people may be prevented from escape. A test series has been performed, on 10 mattresses from the market place, to demonstrate the test method proposed. The test results show that mattresses that meet the proposed criteria exist on the market today.  
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