Fire-LCA guidelines (NT TR 583)

  • Report #: NT TR 583
  • Approved: April 2005
  • Author(s): Petra Andersson, Margaret Simonson, Claes Tullin, Håkan Stripple, Jan Olov Sundqvist, Tuomas Paloposki
Size: 474.12 KB


  Fire-LCA is an LCA method that incorporates fires as one possible end of life scenario. It was developed by SP and IVL in order to be able to assess lifecycle aspects of the fire performance of products. This report gives guidelines on how to perform a Fire-LCA study. They are written based on the experience made during the development and application of the Fire-LCA methodology to different case studies. An application of the method as defined within the Guidelines has been made by a research group unfamiliar with the previous applications of the model. This superficial application is presented to illustrate that the guidelines are written in a logical and comprehensive manner and can be used as a starting point for people experienced in fire and LCA analysis to conduct a Fire-LCA analysis.