Nordic sewer system inspection manual – Part 1 – Pipelines (NT TR 574)

  • Report #: NT TR 574
  • Approved: March 2005
  • Author(s): Hans Bäckman, Lars-Gunnar Bergman, Hans Jørgen Haugen, Steinar Nilo, Erik Bøhleng, Matti Ojala, Sakari Kuikka, Karl Gustav Björkell, Inge Faldager, Morten Steen Sørensen, Kristian Friis, Bo Laden
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  The present manual includes standard definitions, pictures, and drawings for the purpose of describing observations of sewer systems provided by visual inspection. The overall objective is to describe how these inspections can be performed on an identical level in the Nordic countries. The manual is a result of Nordic cooperation based on the requirement for a national annex for Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark to the European CEN standard: “Conditions of drain and sewer systems outside buildings – Part 2: Visual inspection coding system”, EN:13508-2:2003. A common Nordic annex to the CEN standard is a condition to protect the Nordic method for inspection based on classification of each observation. It can be concluded to be a fact that the 4 Nordic countries had the same objectives for CCTV inspection reports, as well as nearly the same opinion concerning which observations stated in the CEN standard to be used in the respective countries. This manual causes changes in the existing national manuals, because of adding new types of observations to the manual. Please notice that this manual only deals with inspection for main sewer pipes as well as renovated pipes. The manual is prepared in English langue based on the CEN standard for the purpose of having an equal and common platform for national versions of CCTV – inspection manuals taking national options into account.  
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