Intercomparison and method for uncertainty calculation of water and heat flow (NT TR 610)

  • Report #: NT TR 610
  • Approved: November 2004
  • Author(s): Kaj Bryder
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  A relatively high utilisation of district heating and limited resources of drinking water makes metering of water and heat of great importance in both the Nordic and the Baltic countries. This has further resulted in a heavy focus on testing and calibration of the meters as well as on the uncertainty of the meter installation. Combined with European wishes for establishing an accredited and uniform basis for type testing and verification of e.g. water and heat meters this underlines the importance of exchange of know how, intercomparison and setting up of common methods for uncertainty calculations in the field of water and heat flow measurement. The objective of this Nordtest-project “Intercomparison and method for uncertainty calculation of water and heat flow” is to improve metering of water and district heating in the Nordic and Baltic area by carrying out an intercomparison, and preparation of a method for uncertainty calculations for calibration and for meter installations by exchange of know-how at two work shops. This report is part of the exchange of know how and is based on work shops held on 20 March 2002 at DTI in Aarhus and 17–18 February 2004 at LNMC in Riga as well as it comprises the background and the results of the intercomparisons and the background of the method of uncertainty calculations. The method of uncertainty calculations is carried out as a separate document set up according to normal Nordtest specifications.  
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