Methods for test of reinforcement material properties based on mix of stainless steel and carbon steel (NT TR 528)

  • Report #: NT TR 528
  • Approved: April 2003
  • Author(s): Oskar Klinghoffer, Hans–Erik Berge
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  The project describes methods for testing of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of reinforcing steel consisting of stainless steel and carbon steel. Methods for testing of mechanical properties (tensile strength and fatigue) are based on the existing standards for traditional carbon steel reinforcement, NS 3420, NS 3575, NS-EN 288-3, NS 480, NS 3473 and ASTM E 739-1. Test of corrosion resistance is performed by means of new developed method for determination of corrosion of steel in concrete. This rapid method based on the galvanostatic pulse technique is especially useful for on site applications.