Guideline for the Validation of Functional Safety according to IEC 61508 (NT TR 459)

  • Report #: NT TR 459
  • Approved: September 2000
  • Author(s): Jacques Hérard, Jan Jacobson, Maarit Kivipuro, Timo Malm, Tor Stålhane, Risto Tiusanen
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  This guideline addresses the validation activities for safety-related functions realized through programmable electronic systems (PES) according to the IEC 61508 standard. It is primarily a guidance for testing institutes, in the performance of the validation work of PES. The standard is generic and quite large. Further explanation on how to use the IEC 61508 standard is needed. Based on the assessment of the hazard and risk analysis, an appropriate safety integrity level shall be allocated. This work will eventually give a solid basis for determining the safety integrity level (SIL) required for a particular system and a verdict on the realised SIL. The current document is also useful to designers and constructors in all industry sectors when developing safety-related control systems.