Guidelines to large-scale fire testing of water mist systems (NT TR 433)

  • Report #: NT TR 433
  • Approved: October 1999
  • Author(s): Jukka Vaari
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  This document presents general guidelines for large-scale fire testing of water mist systems. The guidelines are intended for cases where no existing fire test procedure apply. The guidelines are comprehensive, and when fully utilized, will form a basis for a fire test or a series of tests that
  • has a clearly defined fire protection objective
  • presents a sufficiently demanding fire scenario for the water mist system
  • is reported to such detail that the experiment can be reproduced at a different test facility
  • is monitored, by proper measurements and observations, to such degree that
    • the achievement of the fire protection objectives can be assessed
    • the reproducibility of the test can be verified
    • the performance of the water mist system can be critically evaluated