Boilers, combustion of fuels: Emission of oxides of nitrogen and sulphur (NT VVS 108)

  • Report #: NT VVS 108
  • Approved: May 1996
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  The principal aim of this method is to produce, by means of measurements and inspections, a decision base for the regulation of the payment and repayment of the environmental charge. The object is that, by application of this method, payment and repayment of the environmental charge may be allocated in accordance with the intentions of SFS 1990:613. One further aim is that the method may prove useful for acceptance tests. This method comprises checks on the emission into the air of oxides of nitrogen and oxides of sulphur from boilers or other fixed equipment where combustion of liquid, solid or gaseous fuels occurs. The method also covers measurement of utilized and supplied energy. The method also deals with inspection of permanently installed measuring equipment.  
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