Hot surfaces: Ultrasonic testing (NT NDT 012)

  • Report #: NT NDT 012
  • Approved: March 1992
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  This Nordtest method specifies procedures for weld testing and wall thickness measurements on hot surfaces by manually operated as well as automated ultrasonics. The method is limited to metallic materials with commonly accepted qualities for conventional ultrasonic testing, and to a temperature of:
  • 250 °C for weld testing with angle beam probe
  • 500 °C for manual thickness measurements with straight beam probe
  • 250 °C for automated thickness measurements with straight beam probe
The basic principles of ultrasonics on hot surfaces are similar to conventional ultrasonic testing (which is commonly limited to 50 °C). Therefore, whenever ultrasonic testing is carried out according to this Nordtest method, the applicable requirements stated in the IIW Document 527 – 76 “Handbook on the Ultrasonic Examination of Welds” shall be adhered to. The IIW document thus forms an integral part of this Nordtest method. Reference is also made to Nordtest method NT NDT 008 “Detection and Sizing of Internal Corrosion by Manual Ultrasonics”.