Mortar, hardened: Cementcontentandaggregate-binder ratio (NT BUILD 370)

  • Report #: NT BUILD 370
  • Approved: February 1991
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This NORDTEST method can be applied to estimate the cement content of the binder and the content of binder in hardened mortar, using microscopic investigation of thin sections.


The method is applicable for well hardened Cement mortar, Lime-cement mortar, Masonry Cement mortar with or without admixtures such as plasticisers and air-void entraining agents, which has hardened between bricks or has been allowed to harden on a soaking base. The appearance of the binder phase (paste) depends to some extent on the water content and type of cement. Mixing time and suction of water from the mortar into the surrounding material can also influence the appearance of the paste. The test must therefore be performed by a skilled person and reference samples should be available.

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