Electrical equipment: Environmental test procedures (NT ELEC 016g)

  • Report #: NT ELEC 016g
  • Approved: June 1990
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  This document contains a collection of 71 environmental testprocedures. The procedures apply to climatic, mechanical, electrical or other environmental type tests, which are specified for equipment type products as part of the quality assurance. Each procedure has two pages and refers to an international test method. It gives an equipment/application category with a belonging detailed test procedure, including severity. The procedures are aimed at the common situation, where it is not possible to perform a detailed environmental analysis in order to tailor an optimum test plan. In these cases, the procedures can be a tool for specification writers, simplifying their work. The procedures can be referred to or even included in specifications. The procedures are examples, not requirements, unless they are referred to in some specific context, and they should not be used when test requirements are already given by reievant authorities or organizations.