Active solar heating systems: Guidelines for monitoring (NT VVS 056)

  • Report #: NT VVS 056
  • Approved: July 1986
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  The aim of this project is to establish common guidelines for monitoring active solar heating systems and to produce a reporting model. The project does not outline the monitoring strategy in details and does not describe evaluation methods. It provides a reporting format which should make it easy to compare different systems with identical main characteristies and climate conditions by means of few key members. This report is divided into three sections: 1. Performance monitoring 2. Preliminary investigations (checklist) 3. Reporting format. Section 1 describes the process from inception up to the point where detailed work on the design of a monitoring system can begin, including decisions on levels of monitoring. Finally, 12 “Frames” indicate the measuring points and their location to satisfy the different monitoring levels. Section 1 is reprinted from “Monitoring Solar Heating Systems, a Practical Handbook” published on behalf of the commision of the European Communities by Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1983. Section 2 is a checklist worked out to be a useful tool in the design of a monitoring system. Section 3 is a reporting format which should make it possible to compare performance levels of different systems and to gather material of experience to improve future solarinstallations. Dec. 1986, Technological Institute,Danish Solar Energy Testing Laboratory.