Buildings: Local air tightness (NT BUILD 220)

  • Report #: NT BUILD 220
  • Approved: June 1983




This NORDTEST method is intended for the measurement of air leak characteristics or air leaks of the building parts and joints in field conditions. For the testing of the tightness of groups including several objects, a sampling inspection method has also been presented.


The object to be measured can be in any building or structure that can be exposed to pressure difference. However, the surface of the object must be directly accessible and easy to boarder on the measurement side. Thus, a covering structure, like a lowered ceiling, which encloses an open air space against the object can prevent the measurement. A cycling wind speed of 2 5 m/s as well as some inner activities in the building, e.g. opening doors, movements of lifts etc., which are continuously changing the pressure conditions, may disturb the measurements.  

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