Flat roofs – coverings: Bond strength (NT BUILD 138)

  • Report #: NT BUILD 138
  • Approved: September 1981
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The purpose of this NORDTEST method is to measure, in a non-destructive way, if the conservative force from gluing or mechanical fastning of a roof covering of bituminous felt or eq., is strong enough to compensate for the destructive force from wind load (under-pressure only). For testing purposes the force equal to the under-pressure from the wind is created by a test apparatus capable of providing the necessary under-pressure over a sufficient large test area.  


The test method may be used for all horizontal or nearly horizontal roof claddings of bituminous felt or eq., mainly on insulating plates, (see FIG l.), which may either be mechanically fastened or glued with hot bitumen. The method is primarily intended as a non-destructive methodx) for practical use on the site, whereby it is possible to test a covering of bituminous felt in respect to wind pressure. But the method may also be used in the laboratory to test new methods of application of roof coverings.  

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