Nordtest DOC GEN 010 OLD

docgen010.pdfThe fifth edition of Nordtest DOC GEN 010 provides the detailed requirements of the Nordic certification system for Non Destructive Testing Personel. Please note that there is a new version 6. doc gen 010 The European standard EN 473:2008 includes general requirements related to examination and certification. Requirements to the technical content, principles for judgement or level of quality in the examination are not precisely described in EN 473. It is therefore necessary to have additional documents defining the examinations. This new fifth edition of NORDTEST DOC GEN 010 provides the detailed requirements, which assure a uniform performance of examinations and certification. The major changes of the EN 473/Nordtest scheme in the present edition is updating to EN 473:2008. Free download: EN 473/Nordtest Scheme for examination and certification of non destructive testing personnel