EN 473/NORDTEST Scheme

Certification of personel for Non Destructive Testing The EN 473/Nordtest scheme for certification of NDT personnel is based on the European standard EN 473 (Qualification and certification of NDT personnel – General principles) and is supplemented with the elements needed to make the scheme an independent operative system. The bodies that certifies according to the EN 473/Nordtest scheme shall also fulfil the requirement of EN 45013 (General criteria for certification bodies operating certification of personnel) and they have to be accredited. The EN 473/Nordtest Scheme presently comprises certification of NDT personnel for eddy current, penetrant, magnetic, ultrasonic and leak testing as well as radiographic and visual inspection. The current version was issued December 2010 and the the fifth “generation” since ultimo 1970’ies. NB! The Nordtest website does not have a search for personel having the Nordtest EN473 certificate. You may contact the certifying bodies for personel. They may have a list of people. The link to the list of bodies is: http://www.nordtest.info/index.php/certification/non-destructive-testing-ndt/15-certifying-bodies.html