Electrical equipment: Combined damp heat steady state and cold water spraying test method (NT ELEC 025)

  • Report #: NT ELEC 025
  • Approved: November 2002
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  The aim of this NORDTEST method is to form a common basis for evaluation of electrical equipment intended for use and storage in rough climatic environments, i.e. where combinations of high temperature, high relative humidity and cleaning with cold water are present. This method is meant to be used as a supplement to the already existing IEC 68-2-xx standards for climatic test specifications. The method is a combination of damp heat, steady state, primarily for equipment, as specified in IEC 68- 2-56 and a water spraying test. The mechanisms of humidity ingress into the equipment during testing are water vapour diffusion through materials, condensed or direct water flow through leaks and water vapour breathing and accumulation due to temperature differences.  

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