Nordic standard interface for transfer of data and graphics between proficiency test webs and statistical software (NT TR 513)

  • Report #: NT TR 513
  • Approved: April 2002
  • Author(s): Haavard Hovind, Gunnar Severinsen, Per Settergren Sørensen
Size: 718.65 KB


  In this project an XML/DTD standard has been tested for exchange of data and graphics between web pages and statistical software. It has been demonstrated how the most common and essential dataset/structures used in proficiency testing, could be specified. These standards will make it possible for Nordic proficiency test organizers to build homepages that allow for direct online enlisting and participant registration in proficiency tests. Further online reporting of data from participant to organizer, online participant access to reports and graphics as well as online dedicated individual data treatment and production of graphics. Implementing and building such homepages will reduce costs of test organizing and participation and increase the quality in the laboratories. This report and the included sample code could be used as guide lines for the system developers when developing homepage and/or statistical software interacting with such homepages. The described standards are quite simple and only intended for the most initial version of a homepage – and it is obvious, that when a homepage is established, users will be able to specify additional requirements for the system.