Building materials and components in the vertical position: Exposure to accelerated climatic strains (NT BUILD 495)

  • Report #: NT BUILD 495
  • Approved: November 2000
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This NORDTEST method is intended for exposing materials and components used in the building envelope to UV light, heat, water and frost. The method seeks to simulate the natural climatic strains. Its objective is to concentrate the individual climatic factors so that, in total, they produce a cycle of strains giving degradation results similar to natural exposure but in a much shorter period of time. Consequently, the method is a distinct short-term test (an accelerated ageing test) with its advantages and disadvantages. Note: Accelerated ageing test in a laboratory always carries the risk that the material might undergo degradation by other mechanisms than those which will take place by natural ageing. In view of this possibility the results of the exposure according to this standard should as far as possible be compared with long-term tests performed with the same materials and similar constructions outdoors. The method gives no guidance as to how the properties of the test specimens are to be measured or evaluated after exposure.

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