Solar collectors: Testing the solar collector’s ageing and corrosion characteristics (NT VVS 110)

  • Report #: NT VVS 110
  • Author(s): 1997-05
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  1.1 This method applies to solar collectors used for converting solar radiation into heat energy. It covers only collectors with an aperture area of not less than 0,5 m2. Typical applications for the collectors covered by this method include their use in systems for space heating or cooling and the heating of water. 1.2 This method covers collectors capable of being tested as independent units with forced circulation of the heat transfer medium. It also applies to installation-dependent collectors such as those designed for site-fabrication, for flush mounting, and as sub-units of larger collectors, provided that the specimens available for test are compatible with the test apparatus specified in this method; and provided also that the specimens include appropriate additional structure to ensure that the test results shall as far as possible be applicable to the installed unit. 1.3 This method covers both concentrating and nonconcentrating collectors. It does not apply to evacuated collectors or collectors used in a system designed to generate electricity, nor to any collector designed for normal fluid temperature above 300 °C. 1.4 This method does not cover the installation or mounting of solar collectors; neither does it cover the tracking mechanism of sun-following collector systems, nor to any part of a solar collecting system. 1.5 This method covers component materials, materials performance and methods of test. It does not address itself to quality of workmanship other than as reflected in the performance of a collector when subjected to the tests specified in this method.  
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