Bags: Dangerous goods transport, packaging (NT MECH 018)

  • Report #: NT MECH 018
  • Approved: November 1995
  • Version: 2
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  This test method is intended for packagings for the transport of dangerous goods. The United Nations has issued recommendations on classification, packing and transport of dangerous goods: “Recommendations on the transport of Dangerous Goods (1). These recommendations form the basis of the regulations for different modes of transport: ADR (2) for road transport, RID (3) for transport by rail, the IMDG-Code (4) for international transports by sea and ICAO-TI (5) and IATA-DGR (6) for international transport by air. National deviations from the international regulations have not been dealt with in this paper. The official regulatory statutes always take precedence, and to apply and understand the regulations governing the transport of dangerous goods, this method should be used in combination with the above mentioned regulations. In order to make the interpretation of the regulations and the results of tests less ambiguous, some additional material has been included in the following. To be noted: all verbatim quotations are printed in italics, ending with a reference to the source.  
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