Ibc – plastics inner receptacles: Testing, certification, inspection and quality assurance of composite, dangerous goods transport (NT MECH 028)

  • Report #: NT MECH 028
  • Approved: September 1990
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  This test method is intended for composite IBCs with plastics inner receptacles for transport of dangerous goods. United Nations has issued recommendations for classification, packing and transport of dangerous goods worldwide: “Recommendations on the TRANSPORT OF DANGEROUS GOODS” (“UN Recommendations”). These recommendations form the basis for the regulations for the different modes of transport: air, sea, railway and road. UN Recommendations deals with composite IBCs with plastics inner receptacles in chapter 16 (part five). This chapter has however a number of ambiguities and other problems of a more technical nature that need to be explained and supplied with complementary text. The aim of this method is to be a complement in this respect to the UN Recommendations for authorities and test institutes dealing with IBCs. The test method deals mainly with design type testing of composite IBCs but also with such concepts as initial and periodic tests, inspections, marking and quality assurance.  
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