Large, free-hanging curtain and drapery textiles: Heat release, fire spread and smoke production – Full scale test (NT FIRE 043)

  • Report #: NT FIRE 043
  • Approved: September 1989
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  1.1 This method simulates a fire that under well ventilated conditions starts in a large free-hanging curtain fabric in front of a wall. 1.2 The method is intended to evaluate the contribution to fire growth and smoke production provided by the fabric when subjected to a specified ignition source. 1.3 This method and its results solely describes the contribution to fire growth and smoke production under laboratory conditions. It should not by itself be used for describing or appraising the fire hazard of textiles under actual fire conditions or as a sole source on which a valid assessment of hazards pertaining to fire growth and smoke production can be based. 1.4 A test according to this method provides smoke production and heat release data only for the early stages of a fire. 1.4.1 The potential for fire spread to objects around the specimen is evaluated by the measurement of the rate of heat release, the flame spread and the occurance of burning drops. 1.4.2 The hazard of reduced visibility is estimated by measuring the production of light obscuring smoke.  
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