Foam concentrates, proportioner: Performance test (NT FIRE 042)

  • Report #: NT FIRE 042
  • Approved: September 1989
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  This NORDTEST method is intended to provide a basis for testing of proportioners for foam concentrates intended for use together with manual foam generation equipment. This test method includes both general requirements as well as performance tests. As there are many different types of constructions, the method has to be used in applicable parts. In general there are, however, two basic working principles:
  • the foam concentrate is injected into the water by generating a pressure drop over the proportioner,
  • the proportion of foam concentrate is depending on the flow rate passing the proportioner.
In order to evaluate these two basic principles the test procedure and the parameters that are variated during the test programme are somewhat different. Two test procedures are therefore described in paragraphs and, respectively. The test method can be used as a separate test of any specific proportion equipment for e g some basic approval. Preferably it should be used to provide information about the complete foam extinguishing system that will be used by the fire brigades. This is possible by combining tests and test results from the following NORDTEST methods.
  • NT FIRE 023, Fire extinguishing foam concentrates: Performance.
  • NT FIRE 041, Foam branches, portable: Performance test.
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