Building materials, wood: Moisture content (NT BUILD 302)

  • Report #: NT BUILD 302
  • Approved: September 1986
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This NORDTEST method describes a procedure for measuring the moisture content in wood by means of electrical moisture meters. The method is based on the observation that the electrical resistance between two electrodes punched into a piece of wood is a function of the moisture content in the wood.


The test method is applicable to different wood species as well as to wood based sheet materials, provided that proper calibration procedures are carried out. In practice, the use of the method is limited to measurement of moisture contents in the range of approx. 7-28% (percent weight) in wood. At lower moisture content leakage currents (due to imperfect insulation of leads, plugs, etc.) become dominant – at higher moisture content the interelectrode resistance varies only little with moisture content.

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