Building materials: Ability to prevent dripping of condensation water (NT BUILD 304)

  • Report #: NT BUILD 304
  • Approved: September 1986
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This NORDTEST method describes how to determine the ability of building materials to prevent dripping of water formed through condensation. The test provides both quantitative and qualitative results.


The method is applicable to roofing materials, e.g. metal sheets and to materials like paper, foil, wood fibre board etc. used as wind barriers or subroofs and to special coverings applied to prevent dripping of water formed through condensation. The method is also applicable for studying condensation phenomena occurring at joints and supporting structures like beams. The method is applicable only if the quantity of water transferred through the material during the test can be regarded as small compared with the quantity of the adsorbed condensation water. Applied to hygroscopic materials, it is primarily a comparative test method as the results from testing such materials depend on initial moisture content and test conditions like air temperature and relative humidity (RH).

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