Load moment limiter for mobile cranes: Evaluation (NT ELEC 007)

  • Report #: NT ELEC 007
  • Approved: February 1986
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  The purpose of this NORDTEST method is to form a common basis for the testing and evaluation of a load moment limiter (LML) for use in mobile cranes. The test method concerns measurements of the primary performance characteristics and test stresses which may occur in the installation environment in vehicles in field use. In addition, any possible national regulations and requirements regarding LML construction, installation and safe use shall be taken into account. (See Finnish requirements, SFS 4580, Annex 1.) The method presented is a type test for a LML and is intended for the whole system assembly, comprising all external units and components to be connected to the system and connection cables between them. As the same stress level throughout the whole system is assumed, separate tests for auxiliary units are not presented in this method.