Paint coatings, organic foil: Carbon dioxide diffusion resistance (NT BUILD 300)

  • Report #: NT BUILD 300
  • Approved: November 1985
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This NORDTEST method is developed to determine the gas diffusion resistance of building sealants for the protection of concrete. The apparatus described in this method is by gravimetric determination able to measure the amount of carbon dioxide which during a certain time interval passes through a paint film or foil. But with other gas detection systems the apparatus may also be used to measure diffusion resistance of thin materials against other gases (sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, oxygen, vapourized solvents etc.).


The method may be used for the testing of:
  • building sealants or other paint films
  • foils for the packing of food, plants etc.
  • organic membranes
  • thin organic materials used for gloves and the like
The objects to be tested by this method are limited to thin materials (d < 2 mm). Paints must be submitted as free films or applied on paper. If the gas permeating the sample condensates in the pores of the sample material at the actual test temperature, this may give rise to capillary transport which may not be seen in practical use.

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