Materials, thin: Light transmission (NT BUILD 296)

  • Report #: NT BUILD 296
  • Approved: May 1985
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This NORDTEST method describes an accurate method to determine the UV and visible light transmittance properties of thin materials in sheet form as a function of wave-length. This method takes into account the light absorbing and scattering effect of pigments in the actual test materials as well as of the reinforcing material in composites, so that light transmittance through materials like coatings, plastics, glass etc. can be measured with a relatively simple apparatus. The effect of UV-protecting additives can, for example, be studied.


The method is applicable to transparent and translucent sheet materials such as coatings, plastics and glass. It is specially suitable for pigmented translucent thin materials that cannot be measured on a conventional UV-VIS-spectrophotometer because of the strong light scattering effect from the pigment particles. The method is not suitable for porous materials, e.g. paper sheets. The method is suitable only for measurement of sheet property, not for the measurement of material property. The sample should be thin, e.g. paint films which are typically 10-100 µm.

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